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Creating community

ThrottleUp is a vendor dedicated to taking people (15 and up) out of their comfort zones, and facilitating growth through discipline and fun.  If you are a business owner, administrator, pastor, or director looking to freshen up and encourage your team building or personal development days in a new way, we want to invite you to this fun, safe experience!  

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Our Mission

Our mission at ThrottleUp is to create life change through community and closer relationships. Our business takes people (15 and up) out of their comfort zones, facilitates growth through discipline and fun, and is advancing the motorcycle community. We are also heavily invested in philanthropic enterprise; striving to push the boundaries of how we can make an impact on those struggling in every city in which we grow our franchise. 

Event Operation

We craft the riding experience to the needs of each individual group or event. We provide this safe, fun, memorable adventure on our latest model 110cc fuel-injected automatic dirt bikes. 


The safety of the rider is our highest priority. Our staff takes time to listen and encourage the new riders while providing them with appropriate safety gear. This includes a helmet, safety glasses, gloves and body armor (we ask that the riders wear jeans and close-toed shoes).  ThrottleUp is a fully insured LLC registered in the state of Ohio. 


Most of the events we serve are funded by community support. Our business model gives thousands of women and families an opportunity to be exposed to the industry of dirt, dual sport, and adventure motorcycles by our offering our services as a vendor. If you are a potential investor or representative who has a passion for this industry, we would love to hear from you!  Please contact us via email or phone to discuss business partnerships with ThrottleUp.

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About Us

Brian and Erin Cox have been married for 13 years, have 3 sons, and are based out of Cincinnati.  Erin's passion for moto, as well as Brian's mechanical abilities, make them perfect business partners. Their desire is not only to introduce people to this life-changing community but to bring the Cincinnati riding community along on this adventure with them as staff and volunteers.  In addition, ThrottleUp operates outwardly by serving philanthropically in non-conventional ways. By taking your group or event on this adventure, you will bring guaranteed laughter and unforgettable memories, and watch brave individuals breakthrough fears in a new, fresh way. Contact ThrottleUp today for a demo!

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Contact Info

Erin Cox,

Founder & CEO

Brian Cox, CFO

513 290 0345

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Facebook, Women's Off-Road Moto- Public and Private (women only)

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